Friday, December 08, 2006

Rolling Back the Clock

The year of our Lord 2006, though I could convince you that it is 1966. Rampant social intolerance: Tancredo - Miami, Third World, etc. Michael Richards - You heard what he said, Mel Gibson - Hear that sugar tits? Supreme Court and school integration! Throw in an occupation of a foreign country rife with insurgent attacks - my dear lord, all we need is a draft and another million man march.

Can you believe how awefully polarized this nation is? I have never witnessed this kind of division. I am 33, so I went through my twenties during the nineties. That was a decade! Was it a coincidence? Prosperity - both economic and social. People were into the environment, People were into being polite. People were into the arts. What happened?

First, it was the hijacking of the conservative movement, who then hijacked the congress. This tied the Democrat's hands and forced a new "reform" which still makes my neck ache. I can still see Rick "Man on Dog" Santorum holding up his hands as if God himself elected him by mandate. Where are you now?

Democrats, liberals, progressives: we have been given a chance. A chance for change. A chance to take back America. A chance like never before because if we screw this up, there will not be another one for decades to come.