Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Imagine getting paid for all your Facebook Friends

There is a new Social Networking site entitled Aaachoo.org which is gathering momentum. They are using a new technique to get members - PROFIT SHARING. By following the link below you can join for free and see what it is all about. If you upgrade for $29.95 - you become a member of the newest social net and make money. You get a commission for people who sign up after you - you don't have to sign anyone up. You can join and end up making $1800 per month without selling. If you can get people to sign up, not only do you get a $15 signing bonus, but sign up 5 and you jump to over $6000/ month in commissions. Have a lot of friends, get over 30 and be eligible for 80k per month. Join now before there are too many people! There are less than a few thousand paid members and many more potentials about to join. THIS IS THE REAL GROUNDFLOOR!

I figured, for $30 it is worth a try.