Thursday, December 27, 2007

Changing the Mouth

Hello to anyone who may actually read this, but I think the mouth need a big change. No one cares about either the music we play or the medium in general. I have gotten responses from musicians and asked them for music to play. I generally get the "yeah cool, ok where to I send it?" responses, but nothing arrives. I have a few, and none of them are experimental - so I am thinking about turning my back on those who have so eagerly turned their backs on me.

If Scottymouth persists, it will be an indie station - all genres welcome, though I suspect it will be those whose music is humble and not pretentious.

2008 is a new year, and maybe the last.


Monday, December 03, 2007

Scottymouth's Band of the Year 2007!


Scottymouth is so excited about Two Loons for Tea that we'd like you to seek them out both live and at your favorite online music store.

Nine Lucid DreamsTwo Loons For Tea
"Monkey" (mp3)
from "Nine Lucid Dreams"
(Sarathan Records)

Buy at
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More On This Album

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Musicians/Indie Artists Lazy

Fans - if you have an indie band and have not yet responded to our pleads for more music from you, we don't want to hear any cries if this deal we are working on goes through and we say "forget you". Scottymouth's Hour of Oddity is potentially going to be broadcasting locally with over 10k watts of power behind it. You could have YOUR BAND played, on the air - simulcast on Scottymouth and Podcast. BUT THE BANDS CANNOT BE BOTHERED TO SEND A FREAKING MP3 of a good song or two for airplay. We have iTunes registration pending, we are now listed on Radio Row and much more in the works. If Scottymouth gets big, the only artists who will benefit are the loyal ones who took the time to try us out. The rest of you can rot in limbo playing Wednesdays at the Plus 5 Lounge (which doesn't even exist anymore!)

This is your last chance - go to and find out how to submit songs.


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Why do they hate?

I recently read a book by Brigitte Gabriel entitled, Because they Hate. I was completely taken in by her story and personal accounts of the war in Lebanon in the late 70's early 80's. She was a Christian girl living in the Middle East and watched as the Muslims forced them out, with violence and hate. Her story is compelling and incredible, moving and terrible, thought provoking and scary. The last two chapters, however became, what I believe to be right-wight talking points. She advocates for the complete erradication of the Islamic people. It is a simple case of beating them to the punch, they want us all to convert to Islam or die. I am paraphrasing, hopefully accurately, but the point is made.

This is a perfect metaphor for what the right does every day. I guess I can say that I am left-of-center. I am far from an intellectual, however I question just about everything because some things are just to hard to swallow, Kool-aid included. For the right, the republicans and ditto-heads, the only goal is to win. It doesn't matter about the facts, it doesn't matter about who is destroyed. Average americans pay heed, you will be destroyed by Michelle Malkin, L Rushbo and the rest if you differ from them. No debate, no conversation, just attack attack attack. Even if I agreed with their policies, I would oppose their tactics. I am now probably un-american now, because I disagree. Well, about 70 percent of the populous must be un-american. I am amazed that this country is still a country.

Sure, some on the left do it too, I agree. But how many of those have you seen on the main stream media? Indeed it is lop-sided. But what can you do? What can I do? I write this mostly for my own therapy because I am pretty sure that nobody reads this. So get out there and vote for someone who will propose legislation to change the electoral system - we need publicly funded campaigns, no more CORPORATE DONATIONS!


Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Monday, October 01, 2007

The Hour of Oddity - October 1st 2007

Hey Fans,

This week's installment of the Hour of Oddity has a little twist. Two songs in a row from each band and the playlist is great! Listen:

Two Loons for Tea
Phonetic Plumbing
The Spaced Haitians

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Scottymouth's Song of the Month


Scottymouth is proud to showcase Two Loons for Tea's "Monkey" as the song of the month for October. Listen for Monkey all month long and we recommend the entire album, available online.

Nine Lucid DreamsTwo Loons For Tea
"Monkey" (mp3)
from "Nine Lucid Dreams"
(Sarathan Records)

Buy at
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Buy at iTunes Music Store
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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Now Playing on Scottymouth

Fans, now displays which band is "live" and a history list. It looks a bit crude, but it is a start. Soon we will factor in requests.



Friday, September 21, 2007

Scottymouth Welcomes Two Loons for Tea!

Hey Fans,

Scottymouth is proud to welcome Two Loons for Tea, a really talented group from Seattle...I guess that town is still making phenomenal artists, eh? Listen to this Welcome Podcast and tell me what you think. They are not as Avant Garde as the rest of our catalogue, but they have all the talent and they are on the rise!

Check out their MySpace page!



Thursday, September 20, 2007

Roy's Song of the Day

Fans...Phonetic Plumbing's Llarry is Roy's Song of the Day on this Mini-PodCast. Recorded in 1994 at Natural Sound Studio in Miami, FL and released on the "The Meek Shall Inherit the Swamp Cabbage Festival" EP. Contact Roy if you'd like a copy.

If you'd like to be featured as the Scottymouth Band of the Week, or Roy's Song of the Day.


Visit Phonetic Plumbing on any of the links below:

Scottymouth Band of the Week
The Plumber's Myspace
The plumbers on Soundclick

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Hour of Oddity September 19 2007

Hey Fans, here is the latest show!! we'd like to thank Two Loons for Tea out in Seattle for tuning in. Hopefully you can hear them on the next show, along with our usual cast...They really have a sweet and smooth sound - you'll like them right away.


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Do Something

So my wife tells me to do something and stop complainning. So i stopped and did something.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Internet Radio and the Evil Empire

My 2 Cents:

How can it possibly be legal for the recording industry to collect royalties from unsigned, unpublished bands? I see that they are lobbying to charge me for playing bands who WANT me to play their music. How do I know that those artists are going to get their royalties? There is nothing in the proposed legislation that guarantees the artist a check. I am beginning to believe that the only way the "little guy" in this country will be equally represented is if we throw out EVERYONE and start new, with publicly funded elections and outlaw lobbying. I cannot fathom how my little operation is dismatling the recording industry. I only have a handful of bands who have agreed to be played on Scottymouth, and I don't know what I would do if I had to pay. I mean, some of the work is mine, does that mean I have to pay myself?

Politicians and big corporate slugs have taken the fun out of everything, and forget art, if it doesn't turn a profit, it isn't art - to some of those bloodsuckers anyway.

But screw it - no one is reading this blog, so no one will probably listen to Scottymouth. I am trying to do something for an overlooked genre of music and no one gives a rat's ass. Why bother?

Because I love it that's why!


Saturday, August 18, 2007

Empire State Roar crushes Conn Cyclones

- East Rochester, NY

The WPFL team Empire State Roar displayed a prowess which suprised me, a first time WFA spectator. Final score Roar 61 'Clones nil. Who would have ever guessed that a women's pro football game could have such excitement, well planned playes and bone crushing action! There were quite a few plays that made me think about the pain tolerance differences between men and women. Now, I am not a sports writer, as a matter of fact - I have been disallusioned by sports for some time now, but I would happily ask for an autograph of an ES Roar player.

Women can and will do anything men can do - this time better.

Since the invention of chauvanism - I think that men have been given a pretty good score considering. What I mean, basically speaking, is that for the most part - men have ruled and controlled the reporting of the ruling. When women started controlling some of the rules, then we started to read about and see the truth. Let's face it people, women are badasses. OK, there are some sterotypes about "sporty" women and especially those who may play football - but that has absolutely NOTHING to do with athletic talent. The Roar is chock full of talent.

I will not go into stats, I will not name names, jersey numbers or anything like that. I was there to shoot the game and get it uploaded to the proper website. But what I will say, is that you are missing out if you fail to go to a Roar game. The Bills are great, in spirit. I know I am still a Fins fan, yes, but the Roar are my favorite right now.



Attention Indie Avant Rock - Experimental Bands

Scottymouth wants your music! Please submit mp3's and band bios with links to info(at) Or visit the many Scottymouth locations on the web. We want to play your music, we want to promote your music for free. We want that kid in Muncie, Indiana to discover your sound. So send your music to the Mouth. Put your music in the Mouth. Scottymouth wants you!

Friday, August 17, 2007


Have you ever noticed that some people just cannot be agreeable? I won't even go as far as nice, people don't have to be nice, in my opinion, just agreeable. When someone seems to go out of their way to make your day miserable, I think they need to be put down, like a mean dog. It is really a shame when someone tries to control you so completely that you feel like your balls have been removed and put on display for the paying tourists. "Look honey, he had big ones too!" Once they are clipped, you are done for.

Is this an observation about marriage you ask? Probably.


Thursday, August 16, 2007

When is the Mind Open?

So I'll admit, I have been out of it for a while and I have no idea where music is heading or where it has been for the past 6 years, frankly. I wonder about the days when grunge took hold of the world and really changed everything. There doesn't really seem to be such a trend these days. Perhaps that is good, because at the time, I openly rebelled against grunge, yet secretly enjoyed the bands and philosophies. I was in a band during the early to mid-nineties. Actually two bands. Most people don't realize what it takes to dedicate yourself to originaly music, I certainly didn't. There was a time when our band, Phonetic Plumbing was discussing moving to SanFran to try our luck in that scene. We were divided, which revealed the measure of our resolve as a group. My reasons, in retrospect, were foolish. I was young enough to take a chance with my bills, with my girlfriend, with my family - but I was too much of a pussy to do it. Who knows what may have happened, I could have ended up dead for all I know. I don't regret it now, but the unknown of those days peaks back into my life when I let it.

For now, I will try and dedicate my spare time to promoting and exposing this wonderful genre of creativity that lurks in the shadows in your city - I say "your" because I would be surprised to find it here in Rochester, NY. Once we are up and running solid I will put some feelers out, but this is the same town which gave birth to Lou Gramm.

In the meantime, if anyone reads this post, please feel free to e-mail submissions.

Back to the main thought: is open mindedness really in the hearts and intentions of musicians, or is it yet another clique that subsumes our artists. Sure, there are some who enjoy all forms of expression without judgement. I find those individuals rare and elusive. I would love to walk into a random local band rehearsal and discuss classical, jazz or even country without the snickers and off-comments. I know that this may be a long-shot, but there is hope, right?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Lets try again with Part Three

Not sure why the first try didn't work!

Roy Gordon Podcast Part Three

Roy Gordon Podcast Part Deux

Hi Friends,

This is part 2 of the show from back in '04.


Roy Gordon Podcast

Cheney's Words

So back in '94 the VP described in detail, the negative side of invading Baghdad. Many of the pundits are backing him up claiming that what he said was true then, but no longer applies these days due to the war on Terror. I would argue that it is even more pertinent now because with the eminent threat of terror lurking around every corner, having a really crappy occupation would embolden those who would do us harm. Things there would fall apart and they have. I guess I am just sick of this bunch and want them out.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Scottymouth Will Air Again!

Hi Loyals,

Those of you who may remember that Scottymouth is an internet radio station and not a blog should be happy to discover that the switch will happen in about a month. Scottymouth has been residing on Blogspot for a few years due to the fact that there was no home for the Mouth. Checkout the MySpace page/scottymouthradio.