Saturday, August 18, 2007

Empire State Roar crushes Conn Cyclones

- East Rochester, NY

The WPFL team Empire State Roar displayed a prowess which suprised me, a first time WFA spectator. Final score Roar 61 'Clones nil. Who would have ever guessed that a women's pro football game could have such excitement, well planned playes and bone crushing action! There were quite a few plays that made me think about the pain tolerance differences between men and women. Now, I am not a sports writer, as a matter of fact - I have been disallusioned by sports for some time now, but I would happily ask for an autograph of an ES Roar player.

Women can and will do anything men can do - this time better.

Since the invention of chauvanism - I think that men have been given a pretty good score considering. What I mean, basically speaking, is that for the most part - men have ruled and controlled the reporting of the ruling. When women started controlling some of the rules, then we started to read about and see the truth. Let's face it people, women are badasses. OK, there are some sterotypes about "sporty" women and especially those who may play football - but that has absolutely NOTHING to do with athletic talent. The Roar is chock full of talent.

I will not go into stats, I will not name names, jersey numbers or anything like that. I was there to shoot the game and get it uploaded to the proper website. But what I will say, is that you are missing out if you fail to go to a Roar game. The Bills are great, in spirit. I know I am still a Fins fan, yes, but the Roar are my favorite right now.



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